Digital teaching and learning in historical sciences

Joint Project between Al-Nahrain University, the University of Baghdad, and the University of Regensburg

About the project

“Digital teaching and learning in Historical Studies” is a DAAD joint project between the University of Regensburg, from Germany, and the University of Baghdad and Al-Nahrain University, from Iraq. It brings together students and teachers of history and applied computer science from all three universities to work on improving digital teaching of history, in an interdisciplinary cooperation and a cultural dialogue across borders.

While taking into account Iraq’s recent history and its implications on technological developments in the public sector, the project aims at implementing practical, feasible, step-by-step optimization of synchronous and asynchronous history teaching. Colleagues from the Department for Computer Applications at Al-Nahrain University, together with scientists from the University of Regensburg, will jointly devote their knowledge and skills to carefully optimize the digitization of teaching history at the University of Baghdad. Young Iraqi scientists will make up at least 30% of the joint measures, as a primary condition to achieve three main outcomes:

  1. Optimization of the digitization of teaching history in synchronous and asynchronous formats and, in turn, to boost professional, didactic, and technical knowledge.
  2. Intensification of professional networks by strengthening the interdisciplinary cooperation between teachers in the Departments for Mathematics and Computer Application and those in History departments in Iraq, in cooperation with a team from Regensburg University in Germany.
  3. Internationalization of history teaching at the Universities of Regensburg and the University of Baghdad.

The project is kindly funded by the German Academic Exchange Service and the Federal Foreign Service.